How do we communicate?

        nohear.GIF     nospeak.GIF     nosee.GIF            

               hear no words                 speak no words               see no words  

                          =  no communication

         hear.GIF     speak.GIF     see.GIF              

              hear words                     speak words                      see words      


As soon as you're born you hear words,

And those words stay in your head.

Then when your parents talk to you

You give them a big smile instead.


All those words tumble in your brain.

And you want to say them too.

You practice but they don't sound right,

Then all of a sudden they do.


Now you speak, and learn new words,

And your parents read books to you.

They point to the words as they read,

What fun, now you see the words too!


Working on Words

Working on words

Working on words

You ask me why I'm working on words.

Can't you tell it

That I can't spell it?

Now you know why I'm working on words.


Working on words will allow your students to:

  • learn sight words more easily
  • remember words more easily than when using rote methods
  • have fun learning new words
  • have ownership in their learning    

Working on words

Working on words

Yes I'm always working on words.

Please concede it

That I can't read it!

Now you know why I'm working on words.